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Hybrid AF Therapy

Hybrid AF Therapy is a minimally invasive cardiac ablation that combines the expertise of cardiac surgeons and electrophysiologists. Afib affects over 33 million people worldwide and approximately 75% of those people have persistent or long-standing persistent Afib1. Patients suffering from complex forms of AF have very few effective treatment options available. Hybrid AF Therapy can provide a solution for this patient population. 

Heart Epicardial and Endocardial

Hybrid AF Therapy, using the EPi-Sense System, combines the advantages of:
  • Minimally invasive pericardioscopic epicardial ablation
  • Endocardial radiofrequency (RF) catheter ablation

Epicardial ablation uses RF energy applied to the posterior left atrial wall, distal from the esophagus. The aim is to create durable and contiguous lesions while reducing risk of injury to the adjacent structures of the heart.

Endocardial RF ablation employs mapping and ablation to target the regions requiring additional treatment, as well as those areas impeded by pericardial reflections during the epicardial procedure. Pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) completes the lesion set.


Clinical Data from the CONVERGE IDE trial suggests

The prospective, superiority, randomized, controlled CONVERGE IDE trial revealed the success of Hybrid AF Therapy compared to endocardial RF catheter ablation alone.2,3 Highlights include the following.