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AtriClip LAA Exclusion System

97% successful left atrial appendage (LAA) exclusion1-11 resulting in the electrical isolation of the LAA12-17

  • No Device Migrations
  • No Device Related Complications
  • With more than 5 Years Follow-up

Within minutes of the epicardial application of the AtriClip Device, the LAA becomes electrically isolated from the left atrium and ischemic injury results in the cessation of electrical activity in the LAA.12-13 Postoperatively, the excluded and necrosed LAA is resorbed and no longer a factor in the propagation of electrical activity.14-16

Hallmarks of AtriClip Device Excellence

Epicardial Exclusion

  • Implant is not in the blood stream
  • Ischemic injury electrically isolates the LAA
  • Atrophy and resorption of the LAA

Constant Closing Force

  • Exclusion is maintained throughout ischemic changes to the tissue by continuous closing force.

Parallel / Linear Closing

  • Minimized occurrence of tissue folds with optimal apposition of tissue along long axis of LAA ostia

Tissue Compression / Atraumatic

  • No cutting or piercing minimizes procedure and device complications.

AtriClip Implant

Computed tomography (CT) before and at 3-year follow-up after AtriClip device implantation.  Exemplary CT before AtriClip device placement (A and C) and after implantation depicting the AtriClip device in stable position and fully excluding the left atrial appendage at a 3-year follow up (B and D).6

AtriClip devices may not be available in your specific country. Contact your local AtriCure representative to check availability.


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  17. Warning: The safety and effectiveness of this device in atrial rhythm control management, either alone or in combination with ablative treatment, has not been established.
    Warning: The safety and effectiveness of this device for stroke prevention, either alone or in combination with cardiac surgery, has not been established.